Susan gore Gardner

Southern born and raised, Susan Gore Gardner grew up hearing Country, Bluegrass, Blues, Jazz, and Rock & Roll.  A lifelong love of drawing became a profession upon graduation from Kennesaw State University in 1980 as Susan embarked on a career as a wildlife artist.  In 1990 the artist encountered the medium of pastels and began creating distinctively Southern landscapes and still lifes.

During a personally challenging chapter in her life, the artist found the blessing of comfort, encouragement and creative inspiration in music.  A visual fascination with the musicians and their instruments bloomed and Susan found her life’s work: capturing on paper the essence of the musicians, that moment they are ‘in the groove’, illuminated by the striking colors of stage lights. 

Susan’s devotion to portraying the instruments with affection and accuracy is appreciated by players and listeners alike.  She frequents guitar shops including Gruhn Guitars in Nashville and music-themed museums as she researches the instruments for future portraits.  A connection has been made with an entire new group of people who relate to Susan’s artwork because of the musical subjects.